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Ask a tea addict what is a morning without his/her first cuppa tea?

Tea is much more than just another drink. It is almost a part of culture in several societies across the world. India is one country, among many others, where tea is well integrated in our culture. In fact, it is so well entrenched in our culture that it is difficult to believe that few centuries ago its usage was so restricted!

Today, whenever a guest comes to your house, you are likely to ask him for a tea. Tea is often not just a drink, but a catalyst to more things. Tea is often associated with a good discussion, a dose of gup shup, an enabler of brainstorming sessions … or sometimes, just a feeling of getting rejuvenated. Often considered as an antidote to tiredness – physical as well as mental, consumption of tea often brings a refreshing change in body and mind.

In India tea is available almost everywhere – be is homes or five star restaurants, roadside dhabas or college canteens!

Tea is so often compared to wine: You can judge it by its colour, its aroma, its body, its strength. A good black is like a full red. A light green is like a Beaujolais. You can drink it young or drink it aged. There’s also ordinary tea, house tea and gourmet tea. And, like wine, tea needs a cool, dark and dry storing place.

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