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Over a period of time, Girnar has transformed itself from a bulk tea oriented company to a value added brand owner. This has been made possible by creating a top down corporate mindset over the years. Going ahead, we envision our future as a brand that is the biggest in the value added tea segment.

Over time, Girnar has promoted a value addition based tea business by following a 3-pronged strategy:

1. Continuously directing the corporate strategy in a direction that emphasizes the importance of brand building and thus envisioning ourselves as the leaders in this segment in the near future.

2. Continuously investing in human capital that shares the ideology and passion for creating & nurturing brand value.

3. Investing in the latest and the best infrastructure to be able to manufacture the required value added products.

Girnar’s foray into tea premixes is one example that highlights the corporate vision mentioned above. With the introduction of the Premix Chai, we made a bold step towards establishing ourselves as value added tea suppliers. In order to make it a success, we made a large capital investment to acquire the packaging technology and resources required for the product’s sustainability. The investment in human capital such as the expertise of food technologist and laboratory resources to ensure continuity and improvement of the premixes also paid off huge dividends.

A number of tea bagging machines of different models work around the clock to complete orders for different types of tea bags - single chamber, double chamber and pot type bags. Whilst some of the machinery is imported, we mainly use homegrown technology in our operations. The IWKA, MAISA and BFB from Germany, Argentina and Italy respectively, are some examples of imported machinery, which we use. The decision whether to use Indian or imported machinery is taken on basis of availability of technology and the impact on quality of the end product.

Our value added products are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. The variety of value added teas including that of flavored teas, fruit teas, herbal teas, infusions, instant tea premixes etc. allow us to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

We at Girnar strictly adhere to food safety regulations. Value addition at all our plants is performed in conformity to ISO and HACCP principles of food hygiene, which are internationally accepted. For example, Tea flavoring is done in mechanized stainless steel drums that rotate to evenly mix the tea with the flavors that are sent into the drum through injector nozzles. This method prevents contamination and avoids fumes from leaking out into the factory premises. Our methods of sourcing and storing the raw material required for value addition has helped us immensely in delivering quality and consistency. The specially constructed cold rooms for spices, herbs and flavors prevent deterioration of the raw material and exposure to external factors.

Girnar guarantees its customers only the best in value addition. While we compare ourselves with the best, going ahead we want to be the ones whom other companies benchmark to.

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