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The brand 'Girnar' symbolizes quality, health and great taste. Girnar Tea is not only a well-known brand in India but it has also efficaciously marked its presence in several countries & continents across the world.

We at Girnar are always on the lookout for strategic alliances across continents and hope to enter into everlasting relationships of mutuality with them. Just as Girnar gains access to the local markets and the know-hows about the alliance’s geographies, the alliances too get an opportunity to work with a growing and globally renowned brand and not to forget the monetary benefits that accrue with the sale of our products.

Courtesy to our very efficient International Marketing Division, Girnar Tea so far has planted long lasting alliances & partnerships with companies in various cities like Dubai (UAE), Warsaw (Poland), St. Petersburg (Russia), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Sydney (Australia), New York (USA), Muscat (Oman), Mombasa (Kenya) & Conakry (Guinea). And Girnar still continues to expand their global presence at an exponential speed.

At Girnar, while choosing our alliances, we ensure that the core values of both, Girnar and the opposite party are with each other. To make it a win-win situation for both the parties, Girnar forms an alliance with local organizations, which in turn give the benefit of know-how of the local market, the customers and their preferences. Apart from creating a good working environment, this alliance also helps Girnar to serve its customers is a much proficient way.

While container fumigation is mandatory at Girnar, container stuffing is undertaken only at the factory premises under strict supervision. Such strict practices are adhered to in order to preserve Girnar’s prolific standards and stand tall amidst competition. All processes involving production, packing and storage at each plant location, firmly follow the quality management system of ISO 9001:2000.

Keeping the customer’s preferences and conveniences at the top of the priority list, today, the brand ‘Girnar’ has found its way into the hearts &homes of millions of people across borders.

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