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They say every tealeaf has its own story. Well in that case, how can ‘Girnar’, one of the largest tea-manufacturing company not have a great story. Here’s our story.

A passion for excellence and a yearning to promote & offer world-class teas to our consumers is the prime ethos behind the Girnar Tea story. A relentless pursuit of its ethos and the culture of leaving no stone unturned has transformed Girnar from a small 6-employee company, to a global brand with its presence in over 30 countries.

Girnar Tea, being one of India's finest tea brands and a respectable name amongst tea connoisseurs across the globe, had a very humble beginning. It was the year of 1978 when two visionary entrepreneurs – an export veteran, Mr. Pravin Bhansali, &a dexterous businessman, Mr. Harendra Shah, joined hands and gave rise to ‘Girnar Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.’ which today has grown to become the living giant it is in the beverage industry.

The brand Girnar is nurtured on four pillars, which form the backbone of this organization:

1. Customer Satisfaction – Customer is the king and it is for him that we exist and hence customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. We take pride in having delivered on this front consistently over the last few decades. Satisfied customers are our biggest advocates.

2. Scientific Sourcing Techniques– When it comes to tea, sourcing best quality materials is one of the critical factors in having a good quality product. We swear by this and hence take utmost care to source nothing but the best of the raw materials. Tea leaves, hand-picked from Assam, the Nilgiris and Darjeeling, are methodically processed and carefully blended to offer our customers full value for their hard earned money. This, coupled with our thorough processes ensures that the end product is of the highest quality.

3. Best Practices In Processing– We manufacture a wide variety of products in our state of the art plants in Gujarat (India) & Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Our plants and processes are of global standards and comply with certifications like ISO 22000, ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP etc.

4. Commerce Of International Trade –Our understanding of domestic & international trade ensures and creates a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved. In addition, we have entered into partnerships for marketing various products with companies in cities like Dubai (UAE), Warsaw (Poland), St. Petersburg (Russia), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Sydney (Australia), New York (USA), Muscat (Oman), Mombasa (Kenya) &Conakry (Guinea).

While rapid business expansion enabled us to explore new horizons, we proactively streamlined our businesses and processes to have a structure that is in sync with changing times. Hence, in 2005, we restructured our businesses and consolidated most of our activities under Girnar Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. (Girnar Tea). This company now has two divisions:

1. The International Division that looks after the group’s export business, and

2. The Domestic Division that caters to the distribution of a range of Girnar products in India.

Our team consists of professionals with years of in-depth knowledge of tea and agro-commodities. Careful selection of every consignment, skillful blending under hygienic conditions and world class packing are the hallmark of our products, be it for export or domestic markets and satisfied customers from countries around the world have been at forefront of recommending our products.

Future Plans @ Girnar: –

1. Expanding our distribution network, especially in remote & distant places and getting into new territories.

2. Leveraging e-commerce to drive sales and reach out to customers across geographies.

3. Forging collaborative partnerships and entering into new markets.

4. Opening new Girnar Retail Stores & Chai n Gupshup outlets.

5. Introducing new and innovative products so that we can offer our customers a wider range to select from

6. Expanding our production capacity so that our products are always available.

While delivering on the above, we are confident of maintaining the same quality and consistency that has won us a huge base of loyal customers. Going by the trends and considering the growth and preference for our products we have seen so far, we are confident of delivering on the above mentioned focus areas and scaling new horizons in times to come.

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